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JSDAI v4.3.0 release

Another significant improvement of JSDAI is now available with the v4.3.0 release. The new release is still fully upward compatible with the original 1.0 release more than 10 years ago. This demonstrates the stability and efficiency of the overall structure. Main new improvements since 4.2 are memory optimized SdaiModel without inverse pointers, especially for huge geometrical data sets, and an enhanced database backup and restore mechanism that can now include all user management information and the complete change history (who changed what and when).

JSDAI v4.2.1 release

The new JSDAI maintenance release v4.2.1 is now available. Besides bug fixes it contains enhanced support for the "stepmod" development within ISO TC184/SC4 for the STEP modules an the new ISO 10303-1000 part. See the list of changes here : JSDAI v4.2.1



JSDAI v4.2.0 release

The new JSDAI v4.2.0 provides enhanced integration with Eclipse, improved general validation of p21 files in general and new validation on ARM/XIM level for STEP files with a focus for AP210. Changes on the core runtime API allows to build up a hierachy of SchemaInstances and the database interface is optimized to work with many SdaiModels.

JSDAI v4.1.3 released under open source license

AGPL v3JSDAI v4.1.3 is released as free software under AGPL v3!

LKSoft has released the commercial Java toolkit JSDAI under the free open source license - JSDAI Runtime, XIM Library and JSDAI Developer for Eclipse are available under AGPL v3 from now on. This action makes the most powerful STEP toolkit for Java available for public usage in applications, which conform to the open source AGPL v3 license.

In addition, commercial JSDAI licenses are available for usage in commercial applications.

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JSDAI v4.0.0 is released

JSDAI v4 provides an Integrated Development Environment by integrating JSDAI with Eclipse platform.

Integration of Express Compiler, ExpressDoc and other tools provides a convenient way of working with EXPRESS schemas.

Moreover, JSDAI v4.0.0 features a new plugin for Eclipse - JSDAI Express-G Editor for creating and editing Express-G diagrams.

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JSDAI reorganization

JSDAI development tools are being reorganized in order to work as plug-ins for Eclipse. This, together with other updates, will be released as JSDAI v4.0.

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JSDAI v3.6.4 is released

JSDAI v3.6.4 is released, a minor update - bug fix and updated documentation.

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JSDAI v3.6.3 released

JSDAI version 3.6.3 is released. Memory optimizations along with improved validation and enhanced EXPRESS expression implementation.

Many improvements in JSDAI-DB.

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JSDAI v3.6 released

JSDAI version 3.6 is released. New methods, speed optimizations and mapping improvements.

New independent extension - JSDAI-DB.

[read more about the changes]

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