JSDAI v4.2.0 release

Submitted by Lothar Klein on Wed, 01/14/2009 - 19:50
The new JSDAI v4.2.0 provides enhanced integration with Eclipse, improved general validation of p21 files in general and new validation on ARM/XIM level for STEP files with a focus for AP210. Changes on the core runtime API allows to build up a hierachy of SchemaInstances and the database interface is optimized to work with many SdaiModels. One of the main enhancements for developers of ISO 10303 Application Modules (400 and 1000 series) are pre-configured compilation projects that directly reference the Express files out of stepmod-CVS (on www.sourceforge.net) and drawing of Express-G diagrams for these modules, underlying Integrated Resources (IR) and Application Interpreted Constructs (AIC). As before the complete JSDAI product with the exception of the database interface is available under the free open source license A-GPL.

[Changes in JSDAI version 4.2.0 since JSDAI v4.1.3]