JSDAI license

JSDAI is available under two different license models, an Open Source license and a commercial license. If you are new to JSDAI you would usullay first try the open source license and only if you have specific redistribution needs for your own developed software you would go for a commercial license. The code for both licenses is identical.

Open Source A-GPL license


The JSDAI components JSDAI Core/Runtime, XIM Library and JSDAI Developer for Eclipse are available under the free open source license AGPL v3, the "GNU Affero General Public License".

The source code is available in the Download section and in addition on sourceforge.

Commercial licenses

Commercial licenses of JSDAI are also available for usage in commercial applications. 

Users that have developed applications that uses JSDAI may want to go with a commercial re-distribution license, that would allow them to sell their software without the constraints that the A-GPL license would put on them.

And optinally they may want to license the JSDAI Database SQL-Bridge that is only available as commercial license.

Contact us for details on the commercial licenses.