JSDAI v4.1.3

Changes in JSDAI version 4.1.3 since JSDAI v4.1.1.

Changes in License mode

All parts of JSDAI v4.1.3 except of JSDAI Database are released as free open source software under AGPL v3. In parallel commercial licences of JSDAI are available.

JSDAI Runtime

  • Added small SdaiModels that minimize memory footprint
  • MIM2XIM conversion speed improvements and fixes
  • BINARY attributes of unlimited size (up to 2^63 bytes)
  • Implemented upward and backward compatibility of SDAI (binary) files
  • Various fixes and miscellaneous improvements


  • Further enhanced Express-X support


  • Added possibility to personal information and password by regular users in WebAdmin
  • Added Logs page to WebAdmin as the way to view SQL Bridge and WebAdmin logs
  • Extended integrity checking for setting instance reference to another model
  • Numerous bug fixes